MSACL Presenter Biography

Sara Capiau
Laboratory of Toxicology, Ghent University

Sara Capiau studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University. In 2013 she obtained the degree of Master in Drug Development, for which she was awarded the scientific prize of the Bank of Breda. Readily during her masterthesis in 2012 she embarked into research, which resulted in a 1st author publication in Analytical Chemistry. In 2013 she started a PhD at the Laboratory of Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University. Her PhD focuses on new insights in and new applications for dried blood spot analysis. The envisaged applications encompass determination and quantification of endogenous molecules, drugs of abuse and trace elements. During a 5-month research stay at the Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam she worked in a multidisciplinary environment, with the aim of getting one step closer to introducing DBS-based methods in routine clinical practice.