MSACL Presenter Biography

Jennifer Van Eyk
Cedar Sinai Medical Center

Dr. Van Eyk is a Professor of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Director of the Basic Science Research in the Barbra Streisand Woman’s Hearth Center and Director of the new Advance Clinical Biosystems Institute where she recently moved from Johns Hopkins University. She remains the director of the prestigious NHLBI Proteomic Innovation Center on Heart Failure, the proteomics contract from the NHLBI awarded to her group while she was at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Van Eyk is an international leader in the area of proteomics and her lab has focused the developing technical pipelines for de novo discovery and larger scale quantitative MS methods. This includes multiple reaction monitoring (MRM, also known as SRM) and most recently SWATH. Her lab has developed robotics in a collaboration with Beckman Coulter and AB Sciex that allows sample preparation for MS using a 96 well forma