MSACL Presenter Biography

Ian Wright
Advanced Clinical Biosystems Institute

Ian Wright, CBiol. MSB, is currently CEO of the Advanced Clinical Biosystems Institute at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and has worked in the in vitro diagnostic industry for 27 years, laterally as Head of Strategic Innovation for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. He also headed up that company's Global Assay Development Group, managing R&D groups in NY, Delaware, Los Angeles and Boston in the US and at Marburg, Germany. He currently sits on number of advisory boards of early stage IVD companies and consults primarily for SISCAPA Assay Technologies. He is an advisor and limited partner for Leading Edge Ventures, a new Delaware Based, VC company. Ian is a Director of the Delaware Biotechnology Association and in 2010 was invited by the First Minister for Scotland to become a Global Ambassador of Industry for that country