MSACL Presenter Biography

Laura Owen
University Hospital of South Manchester

After completing a BSc (hons) in Biochemistry at the University of Liverpool I began training as a Pre-registration Clinical Scientist in the Biochemistry Department of the Royal Liverpool Hospital followed by placements at Aintree and Alder Hey Hospitals. Part of this training programme included an MSc in Clinical Biochemistry. Once this training was completed I began Higher specialist Training at the Biochemistry Department in the University Hospital of South Manchester. After two years, obtaining state registration and part one FRCPath I was promoted to the position of Senior Clinical Scientist. Following a further two years and obtaining full FRCPath I was promoted to Principal Clinical Scientist. In 2011 I was awarded Honorary Lecturer status at the University of Manchester and in 2012 I was accepted as a member of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry’s Specialist interest group for mass spectrometry. During the ten years I have worked at the University Hospital of South Manchester I have been heavily involved in liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. The laboratory had one instrument when I started but this service has been developed over the ten years and now we have 5 instruments including on-line solid phase extraction for two. I have been involved in the development and or validation and implementation of most of our 22 routine assays. I have 26 publications, all relevant to mass spectrometry (11 as first author) and have presented this work orally and as posters. My specialist area of focus over the last few years has been to develop tandem mass spectrometry assays for steroid hormones. Our department now provides a routine LC-MS/MS service for difficult to measure steroid hormones such as estradiol, aldosterone, salivary testosterone. It also offers a routine LC-MS/MS cortisol service for all of our patients as we have a large proportion of patients receiving glucocorticoid therapy.