MSACL Presenter Biography

Francis Lam
UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

My undergraduate degree was in the biological sciences, where I was fortunate to gain some experience in analytical chemistry, initially limited to HPLC but was followed by mass spectrometry. During my PhD I was perpetually surrounded by colleagues measuring things by novel methods. I guess this kept me interested in analytical techniques. My entry into clinical biochemistry was accompanied by similar technology. I spent a lot of time playing with HPLC, often with questionable success. Gradually, I focussed on LCMSMS which has been a core area of interest ever since. Currently I am involved in running a GCMS and LCMSMS service in a clinical environment. My area of interest is primarily in steroid endocrinology where there has been much debate on the pros and cons of measuring steroid hormones by immunoassay or mass spectrometry.