MSACL Presenter Biography

Bruno Domon
Luxembourg Clinical Proteomics Center

Bruno Domon is an expert in biological mass spectrometry and proteomics, heading the Luxembourg Clinical Proteomics Center, at L.I.H., where he leads a program funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche (PEARL grant). His main focus is the development of novel mass spectrometry-based proteomics methodologies, and their application to biomarker discovery and evaluation. His current interest is in personalized medicine and personalized therapies and he is collaborating with the clinicians to develop new diagnostics tools in oncology. Previously, he was group leader and principal investigator at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology at ETH in Zurich (2005-2009). As director at Celera Genomics in Rockville MD (2001-2004) he led the proteomics program, focused on the identification of cell surface proteins for oncology therapeutic development and diagnostics.