MSACL Presenter Biography

Zdenek Spacil
University of Washington

Zdenek Spacil graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University in Prague and received dual doctoral degree in analytical chemistry from Stockholm University and Charles University. The focuses of his doctoral research were ALS/PDS on Guam as well as health beneficial compounds analyzed by mass spectrometry. As post doctoral fellow at Univ. of Washington, he joined on the project of inherited metabolic diseases. His major contribution was development of 9-plex assay to measure lysosomal enzyme activities in DBS, the proprietary invention licensed by Perkin Elmer. Later, Dr. Spacil joined Institute for Systems Biology using targeted proteomics to assay disease markers of tuberculosis. His research resulted in two patent applications. Last year Dr. Spacil has returned to UW to substantially improve design of synthetic substrates and methodology utilized for lysosomal enzyme in DBS.