MSACL Presenter Biography

Kenji Nakayama
Shimadzu Techno-Research (Kyoto Univ. Hospital)

I obtained a Doctorate in Science at Hokkaido University in 2000. I went to the Netherlands in 2008 and studied concerning urinary proteomics and metabolomics as a Research Fellow in Center for Medical Biomics of University Medical Center Groningen. I joined in the FIRST Program and began to work in Kyoto University in 2011. The program director was Dr. Koichi Tanaka who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002. I tried to discover new biomarkers for the diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa) in urine samples voided following prostate massage. The identified peptide of 2331 Da may become a new pathognomonic biomarker for the diagnosis of PCa. Now, I work in Shimadzu Techno-Research, Inc., as a leader of medical mass spectrometrist (No. 129) qualified by JSBMS. I am also a Research Fellow in Kyoto University Hospital. I am engaged in bio-analysis developments concerning total Omics.