We empower scientist with the best enzymes to discover more and use that success to improve the world.

At Kura Biotech, our dedication is grounded in the strong belief and conviction that we can generate a positive impact in the World. We assist laboratories with their most complex challenges and provide scientists with the best enzymes for sample preparation.

Today, Kura Biotech, ISO 9001:2015 certified, is present in over 15 countries and supplies the world’s largest laboratories, with its Toxicology brand Finden and its Proteomics brand Blikka.

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We don’t
believe drug
ever routine.

There is a reason every test is critical. Critical tests call for the best enzymes.

Determined to overcome the most common problems in drug testing, Finden is at the cutting edge of toxicological enzymology.
We are committed to continuously improving the available enzymatic tools, making analysis in drug testing simple, fast and precise. We are enabling laboratories to ensure the best results, a more accurate and more human service to the patients, while at the same time increasing throughput.

Our latest release – B-One™ – is a masterpiece, which allows extremely fast, clean, convenient Beta-glucuronide hydrolysis at room temperature. B-One reaches over 90% recovery in 5 min at room temperature of even the most difficult analytes to hydrolyze, such as codeine.

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At Kura, we relentlessly challenge the statu quo. Driven by a limitless spirit and unapologetic standards, we want to provide you with the best enzymes for your specific analytical challenges. Those that will help you redefine the limits and future of biomedicine. Either if you are looking to monitor therapeutic antibodies, develop tailored oncology treatment, discover new biomarkers or develop new drugs, we’ll make sure our portfolio of proteomics enzymes help you achieve accurate results for your analytical challenges.

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