Therapeutic Metabolomics Identifies a New Treatment Preventing Chronic Neuoropathic Pain
Mon 10:30 AM - Track 2: Therapeutic Metabolomics
Gary Patti
The Scripps Research Institute
Gary J. Patti, The Scripps Research Institute
Chronic neuropathic pain is a severely debilitating condition with unmet medical needs that afflicts millions of individuals worldwide. Currently, treatment options for neuropathic pain are inadequate and complete therapeutic relief is atypical. The development of new and effective treatments has been greatly limited because of our incomplete understanding of the molecular basis of the condition. Here we investigate neuropathic pain using untargeted metabolomics. Using a rat model, we show that a significant number of metabolites are upregulated after injury that implicate a new pathway in the development of neuropathic pain. Inhibition of this pathway in vivo prevented neuropathic symptoms in rats suffering from injury, thereby highlighting the potential of untargeted metabolomics to identify new therapeutics.