Introducing Ionics 3Q Molecular Analyzer, the New Generation Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
Lunch and Learn Industrial Workshop; Tuesday 12:45 - 1:45
Track 4
Mission I
Ionics 3Q Molecular Analyzer is a new generation triple quadrupole mass spectrometer that incorporates many novel technology advancements. Among others, it has unique laminar flow ion path, resulting in very high sensitivity as well as an exceptional ease of use. It has uniquely small footprint with vertical ion path, and is designed for easy serviceability. The instrument is equipped with dual source that allows running two LCs at the same time, therefore reducing the cost and increasing the sample throughput.
It is powered by MolAna Software, a data acquisition and quantitation software package.

The workshop will include:
- Selected technical details of the new technology;
- Examples of easy-to-use high sensitivity clinical applications;
- Description of high throughput dual source application examples;
- Overview of the MolAna software features;
- And overview of easy serviceability of the instrument.