Lipidomics: Pathway to Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Mon 11:30 AM - Track 2: Therapeutic Metabolomics
Paul Wood
Phreedom Pharma
Paul Wood, Phreedom Pharma Inc.
A non-targeted metabolomics analysis of Alzheimer’s and age-matched controls revealed a disease severity-dependent decrease in serum ethanolamine plasmalogens which also correlate with the declines in brain ethanolamine plasmalogens in Alzheimer’s disease that have been reported by several research groups. We found that the decreases in circulating plasmalogens were not affected by gender and were observed in both Caucasian and Japanese patient populations. Since phosphatidylethanolamine levels were unaffected we speculated that these biochemical changes may be reflective of altered peroxisomal function. This conclusion led to the development of a plasmalogen precursor (PPI-1011) which is being advanced for clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease.