27. Analysis of Samples From Inhalation Burn Injury Patients
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David Klein
Texas Dept of State Health Services
*Linda Su, *James Barnes, *William Edgemond, #D. Smith, #J. Hwang, #H. Schweiger, #S. Rainey, #M. Coombs, and #R. Karlnoski.

*Texas Department of State Health Services
#U. South Florida/Tampa General Hospital
This is a report of a collaborative study of Inhhalation Burn Patient (IBP) whose injury aroze in domestic dwelling fires. The samples from these patitents have been screened for cyanide and volatile toxic organic compounds (VOCs) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Further investigation into urinary metabolites and bronchial lavage is also an area of investigation.

Thus far we have observed elevated cyanide levels in IBP in relation to control subjects and that includes individuals that smoke. This work is ongoing and we continue to investigate possible corrilations in more stable, polar urinary metabolites to link the extent of the pulmonary injury to prognosis.