22. The Nanoliter Pipette And Pipette MS?
Mon 4:30 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
Drew Sauter
A. D. Sauter, Jr, Nanoliter, LLC, 217 Garfield Drive, Henderson, NV 89074, USA
A. D. Sauter III, Nanoliter, LLC, 217 Garfield Drive, Henderson, NV 89074, USA
H. Durst, US Army, Edgewood, MD
In three recent publications on nanoliter dispensing by induction based fluidics (IBF) it has been shown counter intuitively, that using the IBF nanoliter deposition technique can increase MALDI TOF sensitivity (2, 10 to 100 x, literally) and reproducibility (3 to 20 X) for the analysis for proteins, peptides and synthetic polymers, as compared to using manual uL depositions. Devices used were nL IBF modified syringes or pumps, but pipettes are also ubiquitous lab tools, as well. Here, we show that pipettes can be modified to realize the electric field enhanced (EFE) MALDI, including pipette/MS.

First, we review the definitions of qualitative and quantitative in mass spectrometry restating the “Beer’s Law” for mass spectroscopy first alluded to in part by Kiser. We show that quantitative and qualitative analysis by mass spectroscopy are simply different parts of the same equation. Addressing sample preparation (the molar term), we attempt to clarify why sample preparation issues have hindered MS research including the identification of disease/health biomarkers in proteomics and elsewhere, and how that might be remedied by better sample preparation.

Then, we present the physics of the IBF showing video clips of both hand held and robotic IBF dispensers used in MS sample preparation including LC/MALDI. These approaches are contrasted to current “practices” of infamy like the dried droplet “method.” We then discuss the analytical figures of merit of the nanoliter pipette including syringe and pump morphs, showing that simple devices can be used in both the non touch uL and nL regime for MALDI and other spotting applications. We show that the increased sensitivity and reproducibility inherent in nL IBF MALDI MS sample preparation of syringes and pumps translates into a pipette morph, along with an exciting, the brand new embodiments like syringe/MS and pipette/MS that can place 100% of liquid samples into TOF and MS and other devices.