42. Immunosuppresant Solution Reference Standards
Poster: Tue 6:30-7:30PM
Uma Sreenivasan
Uma Sreenivasan, Isil Dilek, Derrell Johnson, Mitzi Rettinger

Cerilliant Corporation
The immunosuppressant drugs sirolimus, tacrolimus, cyclosporine and mycophenolic acid are widely used to treat transplant patients. Clinical monitoring of immunosuppressant therapy represents an important aspect of patient management.

Quantitation of these drugs in blood requires accurate reference standards. Development of reference standards for clinical monitoring of immunosuppressant drugs is complicated by issues related to stability and solubility.

This poster presents the development and stability of solution standards of sirolimus, tacrolimus, cyclosporine and mycophenolic acid. Approaches to solvent selection, analysis by LCMS and stability will be addressed.