Booth 12

MicroSolv is a developer of silica hydride HPLC columns that are perfectly suited for hydrophilic compounds. LCMS friendly methods improve signal-to-noise and retain both polar- and non-polar compounds using Aqueous Normal Phase or Reverse Phase. Other LCMS products will be on display such as Reduced Surface Activity autosampler vials and insert for low abundance basic compounds.

*MicroSolv Technology Corporation provides HPLC columns that incorporate a silica hydride surface. This slightly hydrophobic column is capable of retention of important hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds such as metabolites with excellent precision that is easy to accomplish. Visit our booth to see work that has been done on amino acids, folic acid, nucleobases, vitamins, drugs of abuse, steroids and other important compounds from biological matrices.

Also presented will be a new type of glass for autosampler vials without silanols. This non coated glass will not degrade or absorb basic compounds or change the pH of sample solutions as observed in currently available borosilicate glass.