Thoughts on Mass Spectrometric Immunoassays
Wed 9:00 AM - Track 1: Sample Preparation Strategies
Randall Nelson
Arizona State University
Randall W. Nelson, Chad R. Borges, Paul E. Oran, Jason W. Jarvis, Douglas S. Rehder, Matthew R. Schaab, Nisha Sherma.

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University
Recent initiatives in clinical proteomics propose to capitalize on coupling immunoaffinity extraction with mass spectrometry. Although the approach is only now gaining widespread recognition, it has, in fact, been applied for almost two decades in the characterization of human proteins. Given here are observations and suggestions gained during the development of mass spectrometric immunoassays (MSIA) that are currently used in analyzing clinically significant peptides and proteins in human populations.

Topics of discussion, with accompanying practical demonstrations, include:
  1. General considerations on antibodies and preparation devices/platforms,
  2. Analytical strategies enabling low pg/mL detection,
  3. Approaches for quantification,
  4. Multiplexing, and
  5. Scaling to large populations (n > 1,000), illustrating the need for standardization (including manufacturing) and streamlined workflows.