Screening for Unlimited Number of Drugs in Urine Samples Using On Line Turbo Flow Sample Preparation Technology and Ultra High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Wed 9:30 AM - Track 1: Sample Preparation Strategies
Marta Kozak
Thermo Scientific
Guifeng Jiang, James Byrd, Seema Sharma, Marta Kozak.

Thermo Scientific
LC-MS screening methods using SRM transitions is limited by the MRM duty cycle. Linear ion trap MS method that utilize data dependent acquisition is capable of detecting large number of peaks but suffers from acquisition of limited MS2 spectra on co-eluting compounds. Ultra-high resolution system acquiring data up to 100,000 resolution can detect and identify large number of compounds in dirty matrices using better than 5 ppm mass accuracy. This work demonstrates the performance of such system for routine forensic screening.

The method involves 12 min LC run with on-line sample preparation using TurboFlowTM technology and full scan data acquisition at resolution of 50,000 using ExactiveTM, and compounds identification with exact mass and retention time.

Method Validation
Set of 313 chemically diverse compounds were used to validate the method. Urine was spiked with groups of 10 compounds to concentrations of 10, 100 and 1000 ng/mL.
The on line Turboflow sample preparation was optimized using set 50 compounds.

Preliminary Data
Sensitive, specific, simple and cost efficient screening application was developed and demonstrated for 313 chemically diverse compounds. 65% of compounds were identified in concentration of 10 ng/mL, 88.5% with concentration 100 ng/mL and 93.3% with concentration of 1000 ng/mL. Extraction efficacy was above 80% for 60% compounds in examined set.

Data obtained for large chemically diverse classes of drugs monitored in forensic screening proves the universality of this method.