LC/MS: Practical Aspects
2-Day (Sat & Sun) Short Course
Lead: Jack Henion
Who Should Attend

This 2-day course is designed as a practical, comprehensive introduction, which should enable the interested student to begin using combined analytical techniques. It is desirable, but not essential, that participants have a basic knowledge of HPLC and atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry.

Researchers, practitioners, or others involved in identifying or analyzing organic compounds in real-world samples including drugs and metabolites within or for the pharmaceutical industry, and who work with HPLC and MS techniques. Scientists who are interested in the agrochemical and industrial chemical fields will also benefit from this course, although the focus is on pharmaceutical applications and problems. You will learn effective techniques for analyzing complex samples and characterizing organic compounds.

Key Topics You'll Learn About

  • Strategies for sample preparation optimized for LC/MS and LC/MS/MS analyses
  • How to perform online LC/MS and LC/MS/MS experiments for solving real-world problems
  • Strategies for optimal quantitation employing LC/MS and LC/MS/MS techniques
  • The latest developments in this area
  • New developments in LC/Ion Trap MS, LC-TOF/MS, and chip-based LC/MS techniques

How You'll Benefit from this Course

  • Get solutions to your analytical problems from a leading expert
  • Receive a systematic review and comparison of all current commercial approaches
  • Learn specific LC/MS and LC/MS/MS techniques for characterizing or identifying components in complex samples
  • Examine specific examples from applications in the environmental, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, including trace analyses
  • Pick up helpful suggestions and hints to help solve your own analytical problems

Prerequisite: General knowledge of laboratory techniques associated with HPLC and mass spectrometry and some hands-on experience with running an LC/MS system.

Instructor: Jack Henion

Jack Henion is Professor Emeritus of Toxicology at Cornell University in the Analytical Toxicology Section of the Diagnostic Laboratory within the College of Veterinary Medicine. He is also a co-founder, President and CEO of Advion BioSciences (ABS), Inc., located in Ithaca, New York. Dr. Henion's work in LC/MS relates to the analysis of real-world samples common to pharmaceutical, environmental, and biochemical problems. The instructor has published extensively in the areas of conventional capillary GC/MS as well as LC/MS, SFC/MS, IC/MS, and CE/MS using atmospheric pressure ionization (API) technologies with quadrupole, ion trap, and time-of-flight mass spectrometers.