1-Day (Sun) Short Course
Lead: Gary Siuzdak
This 1-day course is designed for the chromatographer / mass spectrometrist who wants learn about metabolomics. The course covers sample preparation, choice of ionization method and mass spectrometer, as well as data preparation and analysis, structural characterization and biomarker validation. Discussions will include the optimization of sample preparation for metabolite extraction and protein removal, as well as choosing the most appropriate ionization method and mass spectrometer.

The development of LC gradients and MS conditions will be covered. During the course there will be an emphasis on data preparation and analysis, including peak picking, alignment and retention time correction, differential profiling, and multivariate statistics including principal components analysis (PCA). The course also highlights the following topics: metabolite structural characterization using MS/MS for fragmentation data, and accurate mass measurements using FTMS. Further characterization approaches will be discussed, as well as biomarker validation and ultimately the transfer to the clinic.

Prerequisite: LC/MS hands on experience.

Instructor: Gary Siuzdak

Gary Siuzdak is Senior Director of the Center for Mass Spectrometry at The Scripps Research Institute where he is also Associate Professor of Molecular Biology. He is the founder of Mass Consortium Corporation (1994), organizer of the San Diego Mass Analysis Network since its inception in 1995, and has authored "Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology" (1996, Academic Press) and "The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology" (2003, MCC Press and 2006 2nd Edition). Dr. Siuzdak has over 130 peer-reviewed publications and his research has focused on biochemical applications of mass spectrometry. For more information see