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MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Tissue Sections: State of the Art and Future Directions
Mon 8:00 AM - Session: Tissue Imaging by Mass Spectrometry
Pierre Chaurand
ALDI imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) is a technology that allows to map the molecular content of tissue sections in direct correlation with the underlying histology. In the past decade, numerous different methodologies have been optimized and automated to analyze a wide range of endogenous compounds such as lipids, peptides and proteins as well as administered pharmaceuticals and their metabolites. IMS has been used to study many different biological systems ranging from normal organ development to the detection and understanding of diseases. IMS was initially conceived for and performed on MALDI TOF instruments. Today numerous other MALDI based platforms such as Q-TOF, ion traps, FT-MS and ion mobility MS are used depending on the analytical tasks demanded. Software
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