MSACL Conference Schedule

Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics-David versus Goliath
Mon 8:55 AM - Plenary Session
Russ Grant
The application of mass spectrometry and particularly LC-MS is rapidly transforming the diagnostic industry, becoming the new 'gold standard' in support of clinical results concordance with disease presentation. This $40 billion dollar global industry is based upon immunoassay and autoanalyzer technologies for endogenous biomarker measurement. Key drawbacks to these platforms are selectivity and discordance for disease differentiation in many disease cases. This presentation will highlight the current state of the art in diagnostic based mass spectrometry together with a view towards near term applications for currently unmet diagnostic needs. Specific areas of focus will be neonatal/biochemical genetics screening, the continuing march of LC-LC-MS/MS technologies in hormone analysis and the integration of multiple technologies such as automated sample preparation, multiplexing systems, UPLC, evolution of MS interfaces/platforms and fully automated data review/release in moving the bottlenecks for ultra-high throughput endogenous bioanalysis. Near term applications involving post PCR analysis, immunoaffinity-MS technologies and parallel electrophoretic sample preparation will also be discussed as we move towards the MS equivalent of the automated immunoassay based platform with >2000 sample per day capacity.
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