MSACL Conference Schedule

Tools for Accurate Measurement of Candidate Biomarkers in Plasma: Development of Multiplexed MS-Based SISCAPA Assays
Tue 8:45 AM - Plenary Session
Leigh Anderson
The striking shortfall in new protein diagnostics emerging from proteomics research reflects a lack of critical biomarker verification capacity. In order to bridge the gap between biomarker discovery and clinical use, a new approach to verification is proposed: multiplexed panels of specific candidate assays based on hybrid immuno-mass spectrometric (SISCAPA) detection. By combining high sensitivity, high throughput, and precision with use of small plasma samples, a platform for systematic verification of hundreds of candidates in thousands of samples can be implemented. Such systematic studies will finally allow us to test the hypothesis that molecular biomarkers exist for all disease states, and, with luck, meet the need for new protein-based diagnostic tests. An extension of this approach, providing a library of specific tests for all 21,300 human proteins, could provide the larger biomedical research community with direct access to the entire human proteome.