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Plasma Renin Activity Assay by LC-MS/MS: Dude! Where's my Peptide?
Tue 11:30 AM - Session: Proteins
Cory Bystrom
In the diagnosis and management of hypertension, the plasma renin activity assay (PRA) is considered a gold standard diagnostic tool. The assay relies on the quantitative assay of Anigiontensin I (Ang I), usually by RIA, after accumulation of Angiotensin I under specific conditions. We developed a highly sensitive, accurate and rapid LC-MS/MS based assay that would offer improvements in laboratory workflow while offering high-throughput capability suitable for a clinical laboratory. During development, we observed a substantial number of clinical samples that have strong degradation activity toward Ang I during generation. Using the capabilities of the mass spectrometer in union with a range of isotope labeled peptides, we have started to characterize the degradation products formed during generation.
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