MSACL Conference Schedule

Metabolomics Approach for Biomarker Discovery and Diagnostic Development
Wed 9:30 AM - Session: Metabolomics
Don Rose
Historically, traditional diagnostic development has been a relatively inefficient, long-term process involving discovery of one biomarker at a time, resulting in product development timelines of several years. Genomics and proteomics approaches have experienced challenges with biomarker discovery for diagnostic development, partly due to the vast heterogeneity of populations studied and the requirement for detecting a strong, specific signal amidst wide biological variation. In contrast, a metabolomics approach for identifying biomarker candidates includes measuring a more tractable number of analytes, as well as directly identifying metabolites which more closely reflect the molecular pathways involved in a physiological phenotype or disease mechanism under study.

This presentation will discuss the use of metabolomics in developing a diagnostic test. Topics will include:

1. Detailed discussion of the metabolomics-based process for the identification of key biomarker for diagnostics development,

2. The statistical modeling approaches that are implemented on the hundreds of small molecules identified in a single sample to yield a select group of biomarker candidates that highly correlate to a gold standard reference method for the purpose of developing a diagnostic test, and

3. Case studies applying these principals to both prostate cancer and insulin resistance diagnostic development.