MSACL Conference Schedule

Driving Biological Discovery Using Separations Coupled to Mass Spectrometry
Wed 2:00 PM - Session: New Advances
John Yates
A component to understanding biological processes involves identifying the proteins expressed in cells as well as their modifications and the dynamics of processes. Several major technologies, but especially mass spectrometry, have benefited from large-scale genome sequencing of organisms. The sequence data produced by these efforts can be used to interpret mass spectrometry data of proteins and thus enables rapid and large-scale analysis of protein data from experiments. Advances in multi-dimensional LC separations as well as mass spectrometers have improved the scale of experiments for protein identification. This has improved the analysis of protein complexes, and more complicated protein mixtures. We are exploring the use of capillary electrophoresis (CE) and multi-dimensional CE with fast scanning tandem mass spectrometers for separation of complex peptide mixtures derived from digested protein mixtures. Preliminary data from these experiments will be described.