MSACL Conference Schedule

Mass Spectrometry as an Enabling Technology in the Clinical Laboratory
Wed 2:00 PM - Session: Small Molecule Analytes
Nigel Clarke
The use of mass spectrometry as the analytical tool of choice has positively exploded over the last 5 years. This is mainly due to the increase in automation over traditional RIAs and the increase in accuracy over traditional automated ICMAs. Furthermore, the improved sensitivity often gained has reduced sample volumes thereby allowing pediatricians the luxury of ordering the list of tests they require rather than be restricted by the realities of drawing blood samples from neonates and pedes. In this presentation examples of multiple LC-MS/MS assays will be given along with comparisons versus the traditional methods and clinical case examples. There will also be discussion of the current and future direction of proficiency testing and QC for this newer technology and how regulatory agencies will be required to adapt to mass spectrometry as it becomes more prevalant.