MSACL Conference Schedule

Addressing The Challenges of Throughput and Selectivity With High Resolution LC and New Scan Wave MS/MS Technology
Wed 2:30 PM - Session: Small Molecule Analytes
Robert Plumb
The accurate determination of the concentration of candidate pharmaceuticals or clinical markers of disease is essential for the development of new medicines and assessment disease state progression. Unfortunately having a validated assay in control plasma, serum or urine is not enough to assure success; nor is the selectivity of a MRM transition sufficient the variable in sample matrices due to phenotypic and genetic differences and effect of self-medication. These factors can make LC/MS/MS method development complicated and time consuming.

In this presentation we will discuss a strategy for evaluating LC/MS and sample preparation methodologies and sample matrices from different sources. In particular we will describe a methodology using high-resolution chromatography and mass spectrometry methodologies that allow for the simultaneous collection of MRM transitions for quantification and full scan MS for qualitative information.

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