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Aptamers for Analyte Enrichment in Clinical Samples
Wed 3:00 PM - Session: New Advances
Sheri Wilcox
Aptamers are single-stranded nucleic acids selected to bind specifically and tightly to any target molecule. They can be thought of as high quality antibodies that are made out of nucleic acids instead of proteins. SomaLogic has improved upon standard aptamers by incorporating modified nucleotides. In addition to high affinity and selectivity, these improved aptamers also have very slow dissociation rates. SomaLogic has developed an assay format that takes advantage of the aptamer properties to directly correlate the initial target concentration in a biological sample with the final aptamer concentration. The product contains 1:1 complexes of protein targets:aptamers. Mass spectrometry is one of several techniques that can then be utilized to detect either the protein or DNA directly. These valuable reagents provide a novel method for analyte enrichment and detection in diverse clinical applications.
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