Proteomic Identification of Coccidioidal Antigens from Lung Fluid of Infected Mice: MRM Analysis to Confirm Presence in Biological Fluids
Wed 9:30 AM - Track 3: Novel Approaches
Forrest S.E. Helfrich
University of Arizona
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Proteomic techniques were utilized to identify fungal antigens expressed during coccidioidomycosis. Four of the identified proteins that contained Coccidioides-specific peptides after tryptic digestion were selected as diagnostic targets to use in the development of an LC-MRM assay to screen biological fluids. Multiple peptides and transitions were optimized to give detection levels at low nanogram quantities in a plasma background. In a mouse study, all four fungal proteins were detected in sera from 3 of the infected mice, 2 fungal proteins were detected in plasma from 1 infected mouse, and none were detected in the control mouse sample.