Use of Trainer Peptides to Increase the Reproducibility and Robustness of SRM-Based Assays for Clinical Proteomics Research
Lunch and Learn Industrial Workshop; Tuesday 12:45 - 1:45
Thermo Scientific - Register
Track 1: Harbor Ballroom
Professor Bruno Domon

Director, Luxembourg Clinical Proteomics Center (LCP) of the CRP-Santé, Luxembourg

Mass spectrometry-based selective reaction monitoring (SRM) is a preferred technology for quantitative peptide assays. SRM assays analyze a series of proteotypic peptides to determine the expression level of each targeted protein. Challenges include finding proteotypic peptides that generate robust and reproducible results, and accounting for run-to-run chromatographic variability. To address these challenges, a set of well-characterized heavy-labeled peptides that can serve as retention time standards has been developed. Thermo Fisher Scientific invites you to attend this workshop to learn how a complete SRM-based workflow incorporating these trainer peptides can facilitate development of quantitative peptide assays and reduce analytical variability.