13. Improvements in Peptide MRM Sensitivity Using Multiplex Monoclonal Antibody Capture (SISCAPA) and an Ion Funnel QQQ-MS at Standard Flow Rate
Tue 12:06 PM - PosterSplash Track 2
N. Leigh Anderson
Anderson Forschung Group
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Quantitation of proteotypic peptides by SRM-MS allows specific, internally-standardized measurement of protein biomarkers in digests of plasma and can achieve sub-nanogram/ml detection levels when specific anti-peptide antibodies are used to enrich target peptides from the digest (SISCAPA). We have evaluated a multiplex SISCAPA panel based on 11 rabbit monoclonal antibodies to specific peptides from 10 proteins spanning a wide plasma concentration range. Use of an ion-funnel-equipped triple quadrupole instrument yielded high sensitivity at a flow rate of 400 ┬Ál/min, providing a workable alternative to nanoflow LC-SRM for SISCAPA assays.