19. Layered Electrophoretic Transfer – A Method for Pre-Analytic Processing of Histological Sections
Tue 12:24 PM - PosterSplash Track 2
Liang Zhu
National Institutes of Health
Due to the inherent molecular complexity of tissue samples, it is difficult to measure moderate- and low-abundant proteins across a histological section with current technology. Therefore, we are developing a novel pre-analytic methodology termed Layered Electrophoretic Transfer (LET) that selectively separates and processes proteins from an intact tissue section via polyacrylamide gels without compromising two-dimensional histological information. We demonstrate here LET transfers of frozen human prostate tissue sections under either denaturing or native conditions, and use mass spectrometry for downstream measurements. LET represents a new pre-analytic tool for interrogating the proteome in tissue sections while preserving spatial information.