21. Mapping the Activity of Oncogenic Signaling Networks in FFPE Tissue with Phospho-Specific Liquid Tissue® Mass Spectrometry
Tue 12:00 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
Todd Hembrough
Expression Pathology, Inc.
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Many targeted oncology therapies block the activity of specific tyrosine kinases (e.g. EGFR, Akt, PI3K, etc). Since standard diagnostic tests measure only expression levels but cannot assess the activation state of these kinase targets, we have developed a Liquid Tissue®-SRM technology platform which enables relative and absolute quantification of the phosphorylation status of multiple oncogenic proteins directly in formalin fixed tissue. We preclinically validated this multiplexed assay format on 10 human NSCLC xenograft expants and mapped the activity of the EGFR signaling pathway. This assay is currently undergoing clinical validation on 32 FFPE NSCLC tumors from Gefitinib treated patients.