23. Ultra Performance Mass Spectrometry without Comprise: High Resolving Power Multi-reflecting Time-of-Flight Technology with High Speed Data Acquisition
Tue 12:06 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
John A. Chakel
LECO Corporation
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The promise of ultra performance mass spectrometry is enabled by utilizing multireflecting time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology. In addition to providing selectable high mass resolutions and accurate mass, the system also employs a novel hybrid 11-bit ADC detection system that permits in-spectrum high dynamic range and high-speed (> 100 spectra/sec) data acquisition. This novel technology can be applied to both GC and LC-based separations. Select examples will be shown in Metabolomic fingerprinting, metabolite identification, nutriceutical research, and facilitated elemental composition identification based on isotopic fine structure illustrating the capabilities of this technology.