27. Optimization of Rapid Heavy Metals Blood Analysis for Ultra Low Detection Limits by ICP-MS with ISIS
Tue 12:18 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
Ryszard Gajek
California Department of Public Health
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During last year’s MSACL conference, we presented results of a high throughput analysis for a blood panel of six metals (As, Cd, Mn, Hg, Pb & U-238), using ICP-MS ISIS technology. Since then, further improvements of the methods let us achieve MDL’s as low as: 1.54, 0.118, 0.136, 0.056 & 0.021 µg/L for Mn, As, Cd, Hg & U-238, respectively and 0.013 µg/dL for Pb. The analysis time for the six metal panel is about 106 sec. We used this method to analyze 500-blood specimens from 6- to 7-year old girls. We present and discuss statistical evaluation of the results.