6. Mass Spectrometric Immunoassays for Quantitative Determination of Protein Biomarker Isoforms
Tue 4:42 PM - PosterSplash Track 1
Olgica Trencevska
Intrinsic Bioprobes
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Post-translational modifications give rise to protein variants that significantly increase human proteome complexity. Modified proteins also play important role in biological processes. Mass spectrometry, coupled to immunoaffinity separations, provides an efficient mean for simultaneous detection and quantification of protein variants. Presented here are mass spectrometric immunoassays for targeted quantitative proteomics analysis of specific protein modifications. The performance characteristics of the assays will be discussed, and protein concentration data compared with that obtained by conventional ELISAs. The assays were utilized to determine the individual concentration of protein variants across larger cohorts of samples, demonstrating the ability to fully quantify individual forms of post-translationally modified proteins.