10. Improving the Efficiency and Throughput of an Enzymatic Digestion of Klotho using Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT)
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Taha Rezai
ThermoFisher Scientific
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Klotho is a transmembrane protein that is thought to be involved with insulin regulation and aging. Like many transmembrane proteins, Klotho is difficult to fully digest with trypsin using standard methods. A complete enzymatic digestion prior to the quantitation of peptides with LC-MS would be highly desirable in order to obtain maximum assay sensitivity. In this work, Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) is shown to provide significant improvement in both the efficiency and throughput of an enzymatic digestion of Klotho, when monitoring specific peptides. Samples were analyzed with both LC-SRM on a TSQ Vantage triple quadrupole MS and LC-Full Scan Accurate Mass on an Exactive MS.