26. High-Throughput Quantification of Acylcarnitines in Biological Samples by UHPLC MS/MS
Tue 4:42 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
Azeret Zuniga
University of Alberta
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We propose a 7-minute UHPLC MS/MS method that is able to separate 15 acylcarnitines ranging from C2 to C18, including two C4 isomers and four C5 isomers. For quantification studies, 2C13- labeled ethyl esters were synthesized to be used as internal standards. Isobaric and isomeric species can be distinguished. Less matrix and ion suppression effects were observed. Moreover, ethyl esters have an increased ESI response than acylcarnitines themselves. We are currently minimizing the UHPLC system volume to further decrease our run times. We are also investigating the use of microwave-assisted solvent extraction and esterification as a means of sample preparation.