1. Interferences in an LC-MS/MS Steroid Assay: Systematic Reduction of Possible Endogenous Interferences from Database Searches and Examination of an Exogenous Interference from Sample Collection
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Jason Cournoyer
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
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LC-MS/MS steroid assays are often plagued by interferences due to their low MW and their belonging to a structurally diverse class of molecules. An investigation of possible interfering endogenous species was conducted for a 10 steroid assay following the CLSI guideline. A total of 338 possible interferences based on parent mass were found. This was narrowed to 42 via a systematic elimination process based on structure-retention time and structure-fragment relationships. Ultimately, 8 species were confirmed interferences with equimolar impacts > 0.5% of the target analytes. Also, a thorough examination of an exogenous progesterone interference from collection gel tubes was performed.