7. Simple and Rapid Sample Preparation for 25OH-VitaminD3/D2 using an Immobilized Liquid
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Christiane Zaborosch
Zuerich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
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A simple and rapid sample clean-up has been developed for 25OH-VitaminD3/D2 extraction from serum. An aqueous modifier was combined with the internal standard D6-25OH-VitD3 and then mixed with plasma containing the analytes. This mixture was aspired and dispensed through an insert consisting of a filter like structure coated with an immobilized liquid resulting in extraction of the analytes from the matrix. The insert was washed and the analytes directly eluted into autosampler vials and quantified using optimized MRM-transitions in LC-MS/MS. Area ratios analyte/internal standard were compared to values obtained with a RIA assay for 25OH-VitaminD3/D2 analysis.