9. Measurement of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 and C3-Epi-25-hydroxyvitamin D3 using UPLC-MS/MS in the Adult Population
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Lisa Calton
Waters Corporation
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A UPLC/MS/MS method was developed and anonymized adult serum samples from UHSM were extracted by SPE. Levels of 25OHD3 and C3epi-25OHD3 were determined using NIST SRM 972 material as calibrators. Levels of 25OHD2 were quantified separately to provide a Total 25OHD concentration for each sample. The calculated mean Total 25OHD concentration for 156 samples was14.7ng/mL, C3-epi-25-OHD3 concentrations ranged from 0-3.48ng/mL with the C-3epimer contributing 0-16.24% to the total 25-OHD concentration. A reference range was established for this population, 95% interval; 0.073-2.851ng/mL.