15. Metabolomics: A Tool for Early Detection of Toxicological Effects and an Opportunity for Biology-based Grouping of Chemicals
Mon 12:12 PM - PosterSplash Track 2
Hajo Schiewe
Metanomics Health / BASF SE
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Metanomics Health is leveraging the technology of metanomics, which uniquely combines an unbiased profiling approach with various targeted methods. BASF’s experimental toxicology and ecology is one of the most experienced laboratories world wide concerning studies for the safety assessment of compounds. During a 5 year cooperation we have jointly developed the MetaMap®Tox data base, which contains the metabolome profiles and toxicological information of approximately 500 data rich compounds. Numerous metabolome patterns have been established which are specific for different toxicological modes of action. With these patterns early detection of toxicological effects and underlying mechanisms can now be obtained from routine studies.