17. Targeted Lipidomics: High-Throughput Quantitation of Several Hundreds of Lipid Metabolites in Plasma Samples via Flow-Injection ESI-MS/MS
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Diane Schmiederer
Biocrates Life Sciences AG
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We present a targeted lipidomics method for the high-throughput quantitation of the biologically most abundant members of phospholipids and ceramides. This method requires only 20┬ÁL of plasma for a methanol/chloroform extraction procedure and is based on flow-injection ESI-MS/MS technology. Besides five internal standards to compensate for matrix effects, 43 external standards are used for a linear multi point calibration. The data analysis is performed with our inhouse software MetIQ offering the possibility for isotope correction. The main objective of this method is the fast and easy screening for lipid biomarkers in studies with large sample numbers and small sample amounts.