21. The Effect of Temperature and Storage Duration on the Stability of Environmental Contaminants Metabolites
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Paramjit Behniwal
California Department of Public Health
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We describe a set of experiments to test the stability of the urinary metabolites of several pesticides and phthalates. The analytes include TCPy, 3-PBA, mBP, mEP, mCPP, and mBzP. For short term sample stability, samples were thawed at room temperature and held from 4 to 48 hours and analyzed together. For long-term stability, samples were stored at various temperature conditions (4 ºC, -70 ºC) and analyzed over time (7 days to 14 months). Results were compared to concentrations determined under the standard conditions for the method. Freeze-thaw stability was determined after 3 cycles of freeze thaw and concentrations were compared to results from aliquots taken before the freeze-thaw cycle