25. An Investigation of Deuterium Scrambling in Stable-Labeled Internal Standards during LC-MS/MS Analysis
Mon 12:12 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
Derrell Johnson
Cerilliant Corporation
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Improvements in LC-MS/MS sensitivity and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) capabilities are resulting in adoption of LC-MS/MS technology in clinical settings. Labeled internal standards can eliminate inaccuracies resulting from matrix effects. The potential impact of hydrogen-deuterium scrambling on the accuracy and precision of quantitation in LC-MS/MS methods using deuterium-labeled internal standards underlies the importance in understanding and mitigating these effects. LC-MS/MS analysis of deuterium-labeled hormones and other compounds of clinical significance shows scrambling at select transitions and how changing the transition can mitigate scrambling. The impact of different transitions, instrumentation, and other factors on the level of scrambling will be discussed.