10. LC-MS/MS for Quantification of Total Testosterone in Serum
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Heng Shi
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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A simple, fast and cost selective method was described for quantification of total testosterone in serum without derivatization steps. In the method, calibrators were prepared in 1% BSA. Patient and quality control samples were extracted by MTBE. The assay accuracy at LQC, MQC and HQC levels ranged 2.2-8.4% and 1.6-6.6%, respectively. The calibration curves were linear for the dynamic range of 1 to 1000 ng/dL with r > 0.995 over the method validation period. Recovery was better than 90%. The method correlation with a LC-MS/MS assay used by a national reference lab for samples from children yielded the equation y=0.904x-3.2, r2=0.985.