24. Mass Spectrometry-based MALDI Biotyper System for Rapid and Reliable Yeast Species Identification Directly from Positive Blood Culture Media
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Yingjun Yan
Vanderbilt University
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We used a MALDI Biotyper system with a Sepsityper specimen processing kit for rapid identification of yeast species directly from positive blood culture specimens. A total of 42 yeast-containing blood culture media were tested by the Biotyper and the results were compared to those obtained by routine phenotypic methods. Specimens with discrepant results between the two methods were re-tested by partial internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region sequencing. All 42 specimens were identified to the species level by the Biotyper. Discrepant results were only observed in one isolate. The MALDI Biotyper system provides a rapid and reliable tool for yeast species identification directly from positive blood culture media.