28. Characterization of a Molecular-Based Assay System (PLEX-ID) for Broad Range Detection of Bacteria, Candida, and Antibiotic Resistance from Blood Culture Bottles
Mon 4:48 PM - PosterSplash Track 3
Lawrence Blyn
Ibis Biosciences
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We demonstrate the use of the Abbott PLEX-ID system as an innovative approach for both species identification and antibiotic resistance from blood culture bottle samples. Correct identification was achieved for over 150 organisms derived from spiked blood culture bottle samples. Characterization data for the assay including sensitivity, breadth of coverage, and overall performance will be presented. Using the high throughput Abbott PLEX-ID technology, we have demonstrated the ability to quickly and accurately detect and identify a wide variety of clinically relevant bacterial and Candida species, as well as antibiotic resistant markers, in blood culture samples using a single molecular assay.