49. Extraction of Tamoxifen and Metabolites from Urine and Plasma using Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) prior to UPLC-MS/MS Analysis
Poster: Mon 2:00-3:00PM
Lee Williams
Biotage GB Limited
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Tamoxifen is an important estrogen receptor antagonist primarily used in breast cancer therapy. Widespread use along with various forms of misuse has led to the necessity of rapid and reliable methods for its analysis and quantification. Here we demonstrate a rapid and reliable 96-well Supported Liquid Extraction assay for the extraction of tamoxifen and metabolites from various human biological fluids. A variety of pH/ extraction solvent combinations demonstrated acceptable extraction efficiencies from both plasma and urine. Final extraction conditions were selected based on recovery and extract cleanliness. Full results, discussion and conclusions will be shown in the final poster.